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Tall Tree & The Eye, Bilbao, Spain. Sculpture constructed for Anish Kapoor
Reflections from Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture, Bilboa, Spain
'Beacon' by artist Lang Ea, NZ
2.1 metre diameter mirror polished sphere
3.6 metre diameter Solar Observatory, Hara, Japan
350mm 22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
350mm Gold Plated Mirror Polished Sphere
Metallic Shimmer finish for Round and Round Sculpture by Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round by NZ artist Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round on Waiheke Island pic courtesy of NZ Herald
Light Reflections Mirror Polished Spheres
Polished Perfection

Gallery: Vickers Quarries Rock Garden Spheres

Two mirror polished stainless steel spheres situated in the Vickers Quarries Rock Garden. The spheres are 750mm & 800mm in size, respectively speaking. The late Russell Vickers created a phenomenal Rock Garden on his property on York Road, Taranaki, NZ, which includes huge rocks and crystals he purchased overseas. Global Stainless are proud to have manufactured the spheres for Mr Vickers, who was a fount of rock and ancient stone knowledge. Click on pics to enlarge.

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