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Tall Tree & The Eye, Bilbao, Spain. Sculpture constructed for Anish Kapoor
Reflections from Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture, Bilboa, Spain
'Beacon' by artist Lang Ea, NZ
2.1 metre diameter mirror polished sphere
3.6 metre diameter Solar Observatory, Hara, Japan
350mm 22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
350mm Gold Plated Mirror Polished Sphere
Metallic Shimmer finish for Round and Round Sculpture by Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round by NZ artist Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round on Waiheke Island pic courtesy of NZ Herald
Light Reflections Mirror Polished Spheres
Polished Perfection


  • Furniture for Kirk Kapital Denmark by Global Stainless Ltd

    Olafur Eliasson's first architectural building project for Kirk Kapital Denmark headquarters. Global Stainless Ltd made the perfectly spherical curved steel plates for the ends of the office desk type, and the parabolic curved dish coffee type tables. Comment from Olafur Eliasson's team - "The furniture has become really beautiful.. and I thank you for your good cooperation.  I hope there will be ...

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    Taranaki, A Tall Poppy

    I've made an appointment with Lincoln Raikes of the Normanby company, Global Stainless. My curiosity was aroused reading an article about Indian-British sculptor Anish Kapoor whose work tends to blur the boundary between real and surreal with gigantic structures often using urban settings and distorting them in some way. 'Cloud Gate', the giant mirror "bean" in the Millennium Park in ...

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    Mirror, mirror on the ball

    Kids tinker. Adults tinker. In the Raikes family, serious tinkering has led to the invention of gleaming stainless steel spheres with industrial and artistic applications. Lincoln Raikes heads up Global Stainless Ltd in Normanby, South Taranaki. The company produces graceful sculptures now resident in South Korea, Singapore and New York. It's now producing a fourth artwork for world- renowned artist Anish ...

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    Spheres add special touch to Oz show

    Global Stainless, just like many local businesses, is lending a helping hand to Hawera Repertory's production of the Wizard of Oz. Lincoln Raikes, the owner of the company, says he is delighted to help Repertory with a couple of special props. Based in a modest workshop in Normanby, Global Stainless produces world-class products that are used internationally; many in London artist Anish ...

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    Turning Engineering into Art

    A small Taranaki company has forged a link with a top contemporary artist, proving that skills honed in the region’s dairying and engineering industries are right up there alongside the world’s best. Normanby company Global Stainless, which comprises just five staff, created the components of leading artist Anish Kapoor’s towering Tall tree and the eye, which has been exhibited at some ...

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    Global significance for Stainless Steel.

    This gleaming sculpture - Tall Tree and The Eye - graces the Annenberg Courtyard exhibition space at the Royal Academy in London. The arresting sculpture stands a staggering 15m tall - as high as the surrounding buildings - and consists of 76 highly polished balls that appear to bubble weightlessly up towards the sky.  The mirror-like stainless spheres create consistently changing ...

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