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Tall Tree & The Eye, Bilbao, Spain. Sculpture constructed for Anish Kapoor
Reflections from Tall Tree & The Eye Sculpture, Bilboa, Spain
'Beacon' by artist Lang Ea, NZ
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' by Seung Yul Oh, NZ artist
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in Pinnacle Tower at Cordis
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in production
2.1 metre diameter mirror polished sphere
350mm 22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
350mm Gold Plated Mirror Polished Sphere
Metallic Shimmer finish for Round and Round Sculpture by Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round by NZ artist Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round on Waiheke Island pic courtesy of NZ Herald
Light Reflections Mirror Polished Spheres
Polished Perfection


  • Beacon, by artist Lang Ea, New Zealand, made by Global Stainless, and installed at Milford Reserve, Auckland, March 2020.

    'Beacon', designed by NZ artist Lang Ea, is a sculpture made from stainless steel with an ultra high polish finish.   In the words of Lang Ea, "This sculpture symbolises and reflects the significant and courageous achievements of the suffragettes more than a century ago and lights the
    way for women in the present and future".  See pics below, also copy & paste link below pics, to Auckland Council article on 'Beacon' sculpture.

    For more information copy and paste link...


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