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Tall Tree & The Eye, Bilbao, Spain. Sculpture constructed for Anish Kapoor
'Cluster 005 - Herne Bay', by Max Patte, British born artist
'Cluster 005 - Herne Bay', by Max Patte, British born artist
'Beacon' by artist Lang Ea, NZ
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' by Seung Yul Oh, NZ artist
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in Pinnacle Tower at Cordis
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in production
2.1 metre diameter mirror polished sphere
350mm 22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
350mm Gold Plated Mirror Polished Sphere
Metallic Shimmer finish for Round and Round Sculpture by Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round by NZ artist Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round on Waiheke Island pic courtesy of NZ Herald
Polished Perfection


Global Stainless Artworks are the experts in a superior quality finish, for highly polished stainless steel spheres and sculptures.  

Global Stainless Architectural Polishing

Our experience ranges from polishing industrial spheres, domes, tanker ends, long radius bends and hemispheres for pressure vessels through to ultra fine micron polishing specifications and high Ra finishes giving optical quality to architectural art pieces.  

We have the ability to polish all the hard to reach surfaces so your sphere or sculpture will look great and is easier to keep clean.  

Contact us for your finishing / polishing requirements here

Finishing Standards

For art and sculptural fabrications we are able to polish up to ultra fine micron specifications and high Ra 'mirror' finishes for optical quality if required.

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