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Tall Tree & The Eye, Bilbao, Spain. Sculpture constructed for Anish Kapoor
'Cluster 005 - Herne Bay', by Max Patte, British born artist
'Cluster 005 - Herne Bay', by Max Patte, British born artist
'Beacon' by artist Lang Ea, NZ
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' by Seung Yul Oh, NZ artist
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in Pinnacle Tower at Cordis
'Anechoic Assemble, 2022' in production
2.1 metre diameter mirror polished sphere
350mm 22ct Gold Plated Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Sphere
350mm Gold Plated Mirror Polished Sphere
Metallic Shimmer finish for Round and Round Sculpture by Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round by NZ artist Leon van den Eijkel
Round and Round on Waiheke Island pic courtesy of NZ Herald
Polished Perfection

Stainless Steel Spheres

Global Stainless Architectural SpheresGlobal Stainless Artworks manufacture superior quality stainless steel balls and spheres for professional Designers, Artists and Engineers, globally.  Our stainless steel balls/spheres are custom built to your specifications including a large range of sizes, finishes and polish to fit your design needs.

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Tall Tree in the Eye - Anish KapoorWe’ve manufactured spheres for artistic creations such as Anish Kapoor's "Tall Tree and the Eye" sculpture comprising of 76 highly polished balls.  The stainless steel balls can be made with a seamless appearance which epitomise our superior quality creations.  

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Why choose Global Stainless?

  • Global Stainless Architectural Sphere

    Our stainless steel balls, spheres and sculptures are custom made to suit your design specifications.

  • We can fabricate a range of sizes and polishes so your sphere or sculpture can be tailored to your design needs.

  • Our specialised process allows us to create a seamless appearance which gives a superior finish to the product.

  • Any of our products can be shipped globally so wherever you need it to be, we can get it there.

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Q:What types of finish do you use?
A: We have a large range of polishing abilities ranging from 3A Dairy Standard, through to Ultra Fine micron specifications and High Ra finishes. 

Q: What is your size range?
A:  From as small as 300mm, up to a colossal 4.5 metres.

Q: What is your thickness range?
A:  From 1.5mm sheetmetal, up to 10mm plate thickness.

Q: What materials do you use?
A:  All our artisan designed sculptures and spheres use stainless steel. 

Q: Do you make mild steel spheres?
A:  Yes, we make mild steel spheres in the same sizes as our stainless steel spheres.

Q: How accurate will the end product be?
A: Our spheres are so near perfect in terms of roundness that the naked eye cannot detect the "out of roundness".

Q: Can you see the weld seam distortion in your spheres?
A:  Our manufacturing method is so unique that the weld seam is not visible to the naked eye, particularly in spheres under 2 metres in diameter.

Q: Can you custom build to by design?
A: Yes, send us through your designs and we can provide you with a quote: Get a free quote here

Q: Can you ship globally?
A: Yes, our sphere fabrications have been shipped all around the world including New York, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Korea, and many more.

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